150 Blog Project

What is the One-Fifty Blog Project?

Seeing that students perennially struggle with content knowledge when writing expository essays, and that many students also often struggle with summary-writing (especially in paraphrasing of ideas, varying of sentence structure and condensing of expressions), my English Teacher has created the One-Fifty Blog Project which compels students to tackle head-on precisely these things that they struggle with.

Periodically, each student will read an article (based on the theme for that term) and first conduct a simple analysis using Paul’s Wheel of Analysis. Following that, he will write a 150-word response that summarises the main points in that article. He must do so by paraphrasing ideas and using his own words where applicable. All these should be done in 150 words (the typical length of an abstract), no more or no less.

The rationale is that the student will benefit from this blogging project – if not in summary-writing, if not in writing in general, then at the very least definitely in the beefing up of content knowledge.

Here’s the link to access all of my 150 Blog Projects. Enjoy!



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