150 Blog Project – Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea? (HBL 15/2/2013)

This is my summary and analysis of the article by Ronald Bailey, Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea? (http://reason.com/archives/2004/08/25/transhumanism-the-most-dangero)

This is how I have analysed this article, using Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning:

Pauls Wheel of Analysis

And this is my summary of 150 words on this article:

Contrary to what Francis Fukuyama believes, Bailey believes that transhumanism is something that won’t signal the end of world and society, as we know it, but rather, it will allow people to lead better, happier lives. He believes that transhumanism is what humans have always been striving towards, and is what humans have been doing for years. He cites airplanes, telephones and antibiotics as examples of how humans have used transhumanism in the past, and bettered our lives. He suggests that humans have always been using transhumanism, and yet, it has not spelled the doom of mankind. It instead has made us more equal, contrary to the belief of Fukuyama, who thinks transhumanism will make the world unequal. Bailey argues that transhumanism is what has allowed the abolishment of slavery, and made the world more equal. Bailey concludes that not allowing transhumanism is not allowing people to improve their lives.